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jmscrusade's Journal

The Crusade Fandom Community
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The year was 1999, and after the completion of his series Babylon 5, J. Michael Straczynski set about the create a new series in the same universe. Unfortunately, it failed.

However, while canceled early on, with much of its promise untapped or distorted by the conditions under which it was made, the show has maintained a solid core of fans through the years. The purpose of this community is to give them a place to congregate, discuss, speculate, and share.

Content: This community is for Crusade, so everything discussed within it should relate to that as closely as possible. Anything having to do with the series or the Techno-Mage trilogy of books is acceptable. Anything purely about Babylon 5 should be discussed in its community, babylon5, although you are welcome to discuss elements of the B5 series and novels as they relate to Crusade. Observations or stories about things that only tangentially relate to Crusade are not allowed.

Fanfic and icons are acceptable. However, all fanfic should be posted with the fic behind an LJ-cut and header info containing, in the least, rating, pairing, and any necessary warnings. All icons collections should also be posted with an LJ-cut, though up to three icons may be posted before it.

No introduction posts, please.

Interactions: Try and be polite. Don't flame, don't troll, and don't bash the series and/or characters. This isn't to say you're expected to like everything and everything about it, but when discussing what you disliked, don't be rude about it.

Spoilers: Spoiler-cuts or warnings are not required for any of the aired episodes; we're going to assume if you're here, you've seen all of them. There are only 13, after all. Spoiler cuts are required for discussing specific details of the unproduced episodes, any of the books, or future developments of the series. When commenting on an already spoiler-cut post, spoiler-warnings are required if you're discussing something not warned for in the original post: for example, discussing the books when commenting on a post about the unfilmed scripts.

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