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The Crusade Fandom Community

Mar. 11th, 2006

04:51 am - First Things First: Appearances [fill in rest of title here]

At the moment, things are pretty sparse around here, so I'm looking for user contributions on two things:

Layout: Doesn't have to be fancy; even a simple modification of a basic style would be fine. Try and keep it pretty clean and readable.

Icons: Should ideally be general to the series.
You'll recieve full credit (and gratitude, naturally) for anything we use. As I have no idea what kind of potential pool of graphically and coding talented community members we have, I also have no idea what, if anything, we'll end up with. If we're lucky enough to get sufficient submissions for either category to warrant it, we'll do a poll and then alternate between the most popular choices.

Mar. 9th, 2006

10:15 pm - Shocking News: Crusade Community Exists

Though whether or not it lives remains to be seen.

At the moment, things are pretty basic around here--a few initial rules to start, a place to hold things in. Posts about further content, both asking for user contributions and for feedback on what users would like to see, will be forthcoming. I'm very much interested in what other people would like to see here, but please do familiarize yourself with the already established content guidelines, because while I can easily see adding to them, I don't think any of the ones currently there will be taken away. Pay particular attention to the 'bashing' clause under "Interactions"--a major reason I started this community was that I became wholeheartedly sick of the way every time someone brought up Crusade on the main Babylon 5 community, there would always be at least one person complaining about the series and how much they disliked it. Again, I don't expect wholehearted adoration--I think all of us can agree the series wasn't what it might have been--I will screen or ban anyone who comes here only to complain.

Onto more positive notes, you are encouraged to pimp this community to anyone you know liked the series (or elements of the series) and would like a place to share their interest or learn more. And I am hoping to learn more, or share what I've learned--another major reason for my creation of the comm was that any sense of the future of the show has to be gleaned from a number of difficult-to-find sources: unproduced scripts, interviews, passing mentions in the novels.... I'm hoping this community will help provide a central place to locate and access these things, as well as discuss them and speculate further.

Look for more opening posts shortly, and remember: when a fandom is as small and inactive as this, converting your friends is simply good karma.

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